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8-Week Summer Engagement
(Scheduled for July 22nd –September 12th, 2015)
Canceled Due to Injury to Star John Epperson

Kevin Malony and Joseph A. Berger, producers of the return summer engagement of LYPSINKA! THE BOXED SET, announce that the run will be canceled due to an injury sustained by star John Epperson.
Mr. Malony says, “John recently had a very unfortunate accident - he fell on the sidewalk, seriously injuring his hands. After suffering serious sprains, he was told by his doctor that extensive physical therapy is required to get them back into good working shape. John is a career pianist when he is not working onstage as Lypsinka, so the proper attention to this situation is absolutely vital. John is devastated, but he, and my producing partner Joe and I, all look forward to bringing back this acclaimed show at a later time when John is better able to dazzle as 'The Goddess of Showbiz'.”
The return engagement of LYPSINKA! THE BOXED SET was to be performed Wednesday, July 22nd through Saturday, September 12th at The Connelly Theater, located at 220 East 4th Street (between Avenues A and B) in Manhattan’s East Village (the Opening was set for Saturday, July 25th). 
All tickets purchased will be refunded.  Ticket buyers can expect the refund within 3-5 business days.  Call Ovation Tix at 866-811-4111 for further information.
LYPSINKA! THE BOXED SET, presented last Fall to sell-out audiences as part of LYPSINKA! THE TRILOGY, is the award-winning revue of Lyp’s greatest bits that has toured the world, flabbergasting audiences from Los Angeles to Glasgow to Sydney. Using a soundtrack created from films, musicals, and concert recordings, the supreme archivist of irony showcases the modern challenge of being overly-blessed with femininity, ego and celebrity.

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